Everyday Education is a mission to share the stories of educators and students in Southern Africa through photography – and to celebrate the determination of those learning and teaching despite the challenges they face. The aim of this on-going project is to challenge narrow stereotypes of Africa as this “helpless continent”.

In public schools the whole community including the students take care of the school. Students are expected to sweep out the classrooms and look after the grounds after class. They are trained to grow their own crops and harvest them when ready.

Meet Safina, she's in grade 6 at Sisimba Primary school. I took this portrait of her after classes, she was about to go sweep her classroom. I wish I had more time with her, she was the sweetest and most humble. Safina says she wants to be a nurse just like her elder sister.

Sismba Primary School. Mbeya, Tanzania.

After and uproar from parents due to bad regional results, Denis was appointed the new Headmaster at Malecela Primary School in Kilombero

I asked Denis what are some of the challenges he is currently facing with the school, Denis says, "One of my main tasks as the headmaster is to create better living conditions for the students."

Denis believes that if he can improve living conditions the students will live comfortably and focus more on their studies, and as a result, the school should see an improvement in it's academic performance and popularity in the region. 

By end of the year Malecela Secondary School had far more better results than the past year. Some of the crucial changes Denis made were to start providing free meals to students and converted empty classrooms into dorms, this helped the students focus more on their studies and worry less about transport back home or food for the day.   

Malecela Primary School, Kilombero, Tanzania.

"I enjoy studying Chemistry, I find it very interesting and fun to learn. I want to become a scientist and work in a science lab" ⠀

Meet Rachel, she is 12 years old in Grade 6 at Malecela Primary school in Kilombero. Malecela Is an english medium school. One of the main problems students face is the ability to read English and understand it. The headmaster of the school, Mr Denis, has implemented that non-English speaking students should go through a crash course, free of charge prior to their first year in school. The ability to read English, which is Tanzania's primary language of education is crucial for success at school and beyond.

Malecela Primary School, Kilombero, Tanzania.

A playful moment in class. Young boys playing a game of hot hands, the slowest person to move out their hand gets hit and looses the game.

Sismba Primary School, Mbeya,Tanzania. 

This is George. I met him whilst he was looking for his school bag in class. After realizing that we were looking in the wrong classroom all along, we got his bag and waited for his Mum to pick him up. During our conversation George said that he can count up to the last number, I asked him what the last number was and he replied "a hundred ".

Umoja Primary and Nursery School. Mbeya , Tanzania.

Television has been given considerable importance in many countries as a source and a tool of teaching. The success stories of using television for education in many countries has negated the concept that television is basically an entertainment oriented medium. ⠀

Here, the students of Umoja Primary School tune in for biology lesson, where they watch and learn and later questioned by their teacher.

Umoja Primary and Nursery School. Mbeya , Tanzania.

Girls jumping rope during their break time. Jumping rope is a very common game in schools all over Africa and the rest of the world, girls compete to see who can jump the longest before the rope catches your foot.

Sismba Primary School. Mbeya, Tanzania.

A portrait of Mesha, standing In front of his favorite animal. The Elephant.

Kilombero Primary School, Kilombero, Tanzania.

Meet Karim, very enthusiastic and charismatic. I asked him a question in Swahili but he only wanted to speak in English. Karim says " I want to be a pilot when I grow up but I have to learn English first" ⠀

Sisimba Primary School, Mbeya, Tanzania.

"I want to be a Nurse when I grow up" Says Asha (left). During my conversation with Asha I couldn't stop noticing a small girl peeking from behind the door. I asked Asha who she was, and she replied,⠀

"It's Amina, she is my best friend".

Sisimba Primary School, Mbeya, Tanzania.

Meet Zhufa, she is 13 years old and wants to be a Nurse when she grows up. Zhufa wanted a portrait of her taken but she was a bit shy around her classmates. She said "the boys will make fun of me". So I took her and her best-friend to an empty classroom and got this beautiful portrait of her.

Sismba Primary School. Mbeya, Tanzania.

What do you want to be when you grow up? ⠀

I found myself asking this question to girls more than the boys. One thing noticeable is that, today's primary school girls are more interested in pursuing male dominated careers. While young boys ideal jobs have stayed relatively constant throughout this trip, young girls career dreams have grown loftier and more ambitious. ⠀

Here's quiet moment at Sunni Madrasa school in Zanzibar, where I met Zainab. She was gazing out the window during her short break. I immediately had to take a picture before she noticed I was there. Zainab is 16 years old and wants to pursue a career in Business.

Madrasa Primary School. Zanzibar, Tanzania.

A girl takes a sip of water at her school tap. I love how she has her lollipop sticking to the side and how she started smiling mid-drinking as soon as she saw me. 

Sisimba Primary School, Mbeya, Tanzania.

Abdul really wanted a photograph of him taken during our visit to his school. I told him that I'll only do it if he gets his best friend to stand with him. Without any hesitation, he picks her out of the crowd. 
Now, what you don't see on this photograph is about 20 other classmates behind me, the boys were cheering and the girls were laughing. Even though it took her by surprise, she stood next to Abdul for this photograph and ran off shortly after, I never got her name.
Sisimba Primary School, Mbeya, Tanzania.

A portrait of Haance and Kabanga, grade 6 students at Sisimba primary school.

Haance (left) " I don't like sweeping, we have to sweep everyday in the morning".

Kabanga (right) "I can't wait until we are in grade 7, if you are in grade 7 you become a prefect - and prefects don't sweep".

Sismba Primary School. Mbeya, Tanzania.

In a Geography class with grade 5 students of Kilombero Primary School. Here they were learning and listing some of the lakes in Tanzania. After class I tried to test them by asking them to pin point some regions on the Tanzanian map. They successfully got all of my questions right.

Kilombero Primary School. Kilombero, Tanzania.

At the end of each day, class monitors collect all the books - and take them to the teachers office for marking. 

Sisimba Primary School, Mbeya, Tanzania. 

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